About Me

A picture of me in front of Gooseberry Falls
Me in front of Gooseberry Falls

I’m Allison and I’m a Jack-of-all-trades kind of person. I love to learn about new things and share them with people, which is why I’m here writing this blog. Crafty or artsy things are especially fun. No matter what specific hobby or technique I’m using, I always feel best when I’m making something or being somehow creative.

As far as my background, I have a bachelor’s in math and a master’s in English. I work as a freelance ghostwriter and get to research and write about all kinds of things. I really enjoy my work and now it’s led me to consider writing a blog for myself.

You can read more about what to expect from this blog and my specific interests here. I hope you’ll join me in making stuff!

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  1. Dear Alisson, I have received your postcard from Minessota.
    I really sorry, I have been closed my postcrossing account because of the war to Ucraina…
    But – I must! to write you to thank you very much for your postcard! It is great!
    Do you know that the postage stamp is very old from CESKOSLOVENSKO? Now we are the Czech republic… 🙂
    Happy postcrossing
    Jana Hejrova
    My e-mail is: jana.hejrova@email.cz


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