Playing with Hairy Life: The Best Sims 4 Hair CC in 2022

Okay, so maybe I play The Sims 4 too much. And… I also have a probably unhealthy quantity of TS4 CC pinned on my Pinterest board… but! This is a rare opportunity for me to share my unhealthy obsession!

Today, I will present to you some of my favorite Sims hair custom content!

Necessary disclaimer: I will double-check that everything is still downloadable at the time of writing, but I might not necessarily remember if I’ve tested a particular cc hair in-game. I don’t do adfly or anything that looks fishy, though!

*Please note that the links are ABOVE their respective images!

Short hair

Busted Pixels’s SP07 Med Curly Conversion

Sokea-cc’s Hair 07 Citrine

okruee’s Sylvester hair

marigolde’s Matthew hair

Cliffjen’s Noah hair

Luca hair by JohnnySims

Simandy’s Angel hair

RavenSim’s Amelia hair

Medium hair

aharris00britney’s Gabbie hair

Bluebell hair by NaevysSims

simstrouble’s Jamie hair

Long hair

aharris00britney’s Kenzie hair

Meredith hair by dogsill

CazMari’s Voodoo Queen hair

Facial hair

Duncan Beard N16 by MagicHand

Beard N03 by MagicHand

Beard N3 by ThisIsThem

Kids and toddler conversions

Opal hair age conversions (both child and toddler) by CELESCHUL

KidsPixieCurls by birksche

MEMPHIS HAIR (for toddlers) by Naevys Sims

qicc’s Marcel hair (for kids)

peachibloom’s Toddler Stuff Pack Afro (for children)

There’s pleeenntty more to find out there! But I think I’ll call this good for now. I hope you found some cool Sims 4 hair cc for your Mods folder!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon! 🙂


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